Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

Coaching Programmes

My programmes will help you reframe your thinking and overcome any psychological blocks that you might have. You will be guided to think effectively and unlock your potential to improve your performance.

Most important you will tap in a solution focussed mindset which is nurtured by learning how to identify and challenge any unhelpful thinking and beliefs. 

Whilst I strongly advocate a collaborative and flexible approach to coaching, the following are the various programmes that you can consider;

  • 3-day Programme
  • 21-day Programme
  • 60-day Programme  
  • CEO & Mgt Team Performance Programme 

All of the above programmes include a free discovery session as it is important for both of us to have a chat before we decide if we can collaborate together. This discovery session is practically a call where I get to know about you and why you are interested in coaching. On the otherhand, you will get to speak to me, understand how coaching works and ask any questions that you might have. Since coaching is a collaborative process, it’s important that we both feel comfortable that we can effectively work together. 

Indicative Programme Schedules 

  • 3-day Programme

This is an intensive 3-day programme which is can only be done in person and not over audio or video call. The programme consists of 4 session hours per day for 3 days in a row. 

  • 21-day programme 

Day 1: One-on-one session

Day 8: One-on-one session 

Day 15: Catch-up session 

Day 21: One-on-one session 

  • 60day Programme

Day 1: One-on-One session 

Day 8: One-on-One session 

Day 15: Catch-up session 

Day 23: One-on-One Session

Day 30: Catch-up session

Day 45: One-on-One Session 

Day 60: Catch-up Session 

  • CEO & Mgt Team Performance Programme 

The CEO & Mgt Team performance programme is a bespoke programme which is designed according to the performance issue that needs to be addressed and the size of the team. 

By the end of the programme you will also be familiar with the necessary tools and mindset to self-coach yourself and keep on moving forward.

  • You will understand that how you think about what is happening around you is definitely more important than what is actually happening around you.
  • You will be able to tackle self-defeating thinking and replace it with a problem-solving outlook.
  • You will tap-in internal self-talk to identify, challenge and change aspects of your thinking that generates these difficulties.
  • You will change the way you think and in turn this will change the way you feel.

Yet be advised that your cognitive behaviour programmes are not a quick-fix to personal change. On the other-hand they are an effective catalyst to kickstart your change process and which success also depends on your sustained effort and commitment.

Please contact me for more info and to schedule your free discovery session. 

Who are my coaching programmes best suited for?

  • Individuals to enhance Personal Performance
  • CEO’s & Mgt for Effective Thinking & Delivery
  • Entrepreneurs & Founders for Exit Coaching*

*Exit Coaching is a systematic process designed to guide and support entrepreneurs and founders through the period of change and psychological blocks during or following the sale of their company. [Read in blog; The Exit Coach]

Day Nos. in programmes are indicative date schedules. 

One-on-one sessions are about 75 minutes long and can be held over skype or phone. 

Catch-up sessions are held by phone and are about 30 minutes long.