Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

Business Brokerage

Your business is an evolving and dynamic organisation and the lifecycle of any business is also related and influenced by the goals of its shareholders.

It is a fact that many family businesses achieve substantial growth, yet second or third generation owners sometimes wish to sell their business to pursue other interests. Similarly, some businesses look at mergers and acquisitions as a tool to achieve growth, to consolidate market share or as a form of diversification.

At a time when bank interest rates do not yield satisfactory returns, investors are looking at buying a business as a better investment option than setting up a business from scratch. Whilst one can handle such transactions directly with a potential buyer or seller, it has been proven over time that a business broker often achieves better results.

As business brokers, we collaborate with a number of associates that are specialised in the various and necessary sectors necessary for such transactions.

Our business brokerage services include;

For Buyers

  • preparing necessary documentation to market the company
  • helping arrive at a company market value
  • developing a marketing plan
  • identifying prospective buyers
  • approaching and informing prospective buyers
  • attending meetings and completing documentation
  • negotiating details
  • managing the due diligence process
  • coordinating closing activities

For Sellers

  • representation in approaching businesses that fit their criteria
  • collecting the necessary documentation for analysis
  • managing the due diligence process
  • negotiating details
  • coordinating closing activities