….. meat, milk, cheese and eggs.

It’s been over a year since I stopped eating meat. I was a big meat eater, the bigger and the more rare the steak, the better. I knew I ate too much meat but I was kind of hooked on to it. Yet, I knew that something was not right. The moment I ate meat I would be tired and my body goes in overdrive trying to digest it. I did not sleep well and I felt heavy.

So, thanks to my wife’s subtle yet long-coming advice I decided to give meat a and my body a break. I stopped eating red meat and any other meat. I was never a big fan of chicken and I knew through reading and listening to blogs that most chicken is so pumped up with antibiotics that what you think is healthy is actually the contrary!

The moment I stopped eating meat I not only felt better but in a matter of weeks I also easily got used to this lifestyle. It was actually easier then I thought it would be.

I then decided to stop dairy. I was never into milk, just had it as a capuccino yet I loved cheese. The catalyst to stop milk was me listening to some health blogs, the fact that we do not need cow’s milk, the cruel process of producing milk, the hormones injected in milk and more.

I don’t have a sweet tooth and I’m one of those that would snack on cheese and order a cheese board instead of dessert. I must admit that stopping cheese was harder then stopping meat. Yet, with the right mindset you get used to everything. There are also some great nut based cheese recipes that are rather tasty and at times better then the real thing!

So here I am, not eating meat or any dairy; and I’m asked what do you eat? Are you vegan? Well not really but my diet is largely vegan based. Practically I eat bread, pasta, legumes, nuts, vegetables and sometimes I eat some fish. Hence, I’m not a vegan and I do not try to act as if I am. I train 6 days a week and my food intake is important to me not only for the provision of energy but also because I genuinely love food.

So, do I feel like I’m missing out at times?

Yes, there where times I do feel I’m missing out but deep down I know that it does not work well for me and it gets easier over time. But you learn how to adjust and replace with similar food and ingredients. A great pasta bolognese has been replaced with pasta with a tomato and lentil sauce. An angus burger is replaced with a chickpea  burger. My favourite pizza has no cheese; just tomato sauce, mushrooms and onions. And my ham and cheese sandwich is now a toasted sandwich with avocado!

Nonetheless, food and diet is a personal and conscious choice and one which is easier to follow through once you are in tune with your body and see and feel tangible results.

In conclusion, it’s also the norm that the moment someone is diagnosed with cancer, doctors immediately recommend that one stops eating meat and dairy.

Simplistically put, I ask myself, why not stop before?