There are moments in our lives that realignment and inspiration would just come at the right time, in the right dose, in the right manner and when you most need it.

And last weekend I experienced this…

The last few weeks have not been easy. I’m working on a new challenging project and a certain degree of uncertainty kept on dragging me down. It’s like a 247-round boxing match, not against Anthony Joshua but worse, it’s you vs your mind.  You know that it’s not good to succumb to your thoughts but the beast inside your head keeps on at it. I train hard, let go, think positive and it all helps but I must admit that it does get tiring and it catches up with you.

Fast-forward to last Sunday…

I was scanning through the new releases on Netflix and came across the documentary titled ‘On Yoga; The Architecture of Peace’. It appealed to me and my subconscious also retrieved a friends recommendation to watch it.

The documentary is based on photographer Michael O’Neill’s book of the same name and which traces his 10 years journey through the deep rooted landscape of yoga.

You can watch this on many levels and I’m sure that it’s not for everyone. You can just enjoy the photography and it’s stunning soundtrack (Silvio Piesco) and it will still be a pleasant experience. It worked for me but it also went way deeper. The inspiration from subtle or direct messages about life and our journey just came at the right time and at the right pace. (I must confide that I’m also listening to the soundtrack on spotify whilst I write this page.)

What started for the photographer as a project to document and pay homage to yoga’s classical form ended up being a deeper and richer spiritual journey. And what was for me a relaxed Sunday afternoon watching a Netflix movie ended up being an inspiration kickstart which realigned my mindset and placed things back into perspective.

Watch the Trailer