04Jan 2019

This post plans to be one that I keep adding on to highlight the potential benefits of working together with some of my coachees. Whilst I facilitated their path of self-discovery and process of effective change, full credit goes to them for taking action and trusting the process! What specific benefits (if any) has coaching […]

03Jan 2019

Why do we think of making big changes or breakthroughs but hardly manage to see these through? Why is it that we start something but it fizzles out after a few days or weeks? Similar to a business, our life is a system built of a number of fundamental building blocks. The eventual outcome depends […]

02Jan 2019

Selling or exiting a company is an entrepreneurs dream. Every start-up works towards a potential sale or buy-out to capitalise on the idea and years of hard work. And yet, whilst entrepreneurs, founders or high-level CEO’s work towards this sale they are never prepared for the emotional distress that follows an exit. One might wonder […]

01Jan 2019

Whilst therapists and cognitive behaviour coaches occasionally can help individuals with similar issues, the approach differs. Despite occasional areas of overlap, the work and processes of therapists and life coaches are distinct. Cognitive behaviour or life coaching as it’s also known is not a scaled down version of therapy. It is actually a dynamic discipline […]