15Jul 2018

Unfortunately accidents happen. Individuals and their families go through trauma and the news is on everyone’s minds, in our conversations and on social media for some weeks following the incident. Yet, the weeks roll by and for most of us things move on. Everything is forgotten and the focus shifts on the latest news or […]

23Jun 2018

Last month I attended a week long vegan based yoga retreat in Tuscany with endurance athlete Rich Roll and his wife Julie Piatt aka Srimati. The whole experience was beneficial on various levels and in some ways personal to write about. Nonetheless, one thing I want to share is about meditation. Those that know me […]

17Mar 2018

Creating a work environment and culture that made your organisation a favourite employer is key. Yet, once that hurdle is surpassed a bigger one crops us… retaining the good ones! There are so many factors and financial remuneration is just a small part of this intricate jigsaw puzzle. An organisation and it’s top management must […]

06Feb 2018

There are moments in our lives that realignment and inspiration would just come at the right time, in the right dose, in the right manner and when you most need it. And last weekend I experienced this… The last few weeks have not been easy. I’m working on a new challenging project and a certain […]

22Dec 2017

….. meat, milk, cheese and eggs. It’s been over a year since I stopped eating meat. I was a big meat eater, the bigger and the more rare the steak, the better. I knew I ate too much meat but I was kind of hooked on to it. Yet, I knew that something was not […]

06Dec 2017

In discussing current affairs with my neighbour, I turned my thoughts towards an issue closely linked to the mindset of our population and the state of our nation. “One of the issues of the society we live in is that of an inward-looking shortsighted approach in what and how we do things,” I told my […]