When asked to define what drives him, Jonathan quickly states ‘making things happen’. Transforming ideas, driving projects, finding solutions, connecting people and generating positive outcomes is key for him.

In 2015 Jonathan opted for change from his latest retail venture and embarked on some quality time off, a daily training regime, some consultancy work and evaluating a number of investment prospects.

Starting early and whilst still at university, Jonathan has substantial experience in management with a hands-on multi-disciplinary approach in setting up and running businesses. His skills in communication, leading teams and creative spark can add value to clients, top management and shareholders.

Jonathan has worked in various sectors starting with event management, TV production, online travel business, the supermarket sector and fashion retail.

In September 2018 Jonathan published his first book titled #Forty, be the change.

Currently living in Malta, Jonathan has also lived and worked in Sydney and New York.

Directorships and Appointments
Founder & Executive Producer – Teatru Unplugged, Manoel Theatre (1998 – present date)
Non-executive director – Malta Film Commission (2005-2007)
Chairman – Retail Marketing/Carrefour Supermarkets, Malta (2006-2009)
Board member – Aviation Supervisory Committee within Transport Malta (2010-2013)
National Candidate – European Parliamentary elections (May 2014)
Deputy Chairperson – Richmond Foundation (2014 – present date)


Bachelor of Commerce: Management, Banking and Finance (University of Malta)
Masters degree in Business Administration (University of Malta)

Certificate in Coaching (International Academy for Professional Development, London)

Swimrun / Open water swimming / Trail running

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