When did the voice inside your head start talking? I recall mine started quite a while ago and in my teens. Since then I was not the same and I was thinking too much. Yet, it’s only in recent years, through the discovery of Cognitive Behaviour that I realised that I was not an avid thinker as I considered myself to be. Actually, now I can state that I was not always thinking effectively and instead, that voice in my head was having a monologue that actively shaped my feelings, behaviour and actions or inactions.

In my keynote session #AchievingBreakthrough we will not only tap in our capacity, as humans, to self-reflect but also explore why your thinking matters, how to be aware of your unhelpful thinking styles and how one can reframe such thinking to create an effective way forward. Only once such barriers and blocks are identified and reframed can one achieve breakthrough; that specific moment in time when a spark is ignited. It could be an insight, an understanding, an idea, a decision or experience – and when life or work is never the same again!

[About Jon]
It’s not every day that we wake up and decide to put life on hold and start living. This is what Jonathan did a couple of years after turning forty. Having realized that most probably he had already lived half his life he decided to embark on a sabbatical to enjoy time off, reflect about his life and make sure he was living life on his terms and not on someone else’s. Coming from a small Mediterranean island, culture and circumstance often dictate our actions, behaviors, and next steps. Jon, as he prefers to be called, broke with this norm and is calling on us to re-evaluate what really makes us tick. Having the space to ‘creatively reflect’ he wrote and published his first book ‘#Forty – be the change’. A thought provoking, easy to use handbook of a few of the life lessons Jon has picked up along the years and others which he is still working on. Yet, the objectivity obtained from writing his first book set the doors wide open to a path of self-discovery and made him question as to what’s next. Having been involved in a number of start-ups, a European Parliament election and a new venture which was now failing to take off he was constrained to challenge his thoughts and evaluate his future options. It was then that in juggling with newfound thinking and challenges that he effectively sought clarity through the power of Cognitive Behaviour. The mantra that ‘How you think dictates how you feel’ and that ‘How you think about what is happening around you is more important that what is actually happening’ resonated so close to him that he discovered what really made him tick. From then on, there was no turning back. Jon embarked on an intensive training and accreditation programme in London and fulfilled his long lasting passion of psychology, thinking and change by literally diving into the field of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC). Since then Jon has not only fully embraced and mastered CBC but has effectively collaborated with a diverse group of individuals and teams and helped them Achieve Breakthrough.

In speaking engagements and management team breakthrough sessions, Jon relates with his audience in a manner that builds rapport and inspires self-discovery whilst adding immediate value with simple yet strong takeaways.

Directorships and Appointments

  • baton&baton – Associate (July19 – present date)
  • BRND WGN – Associate (Jan19 – present date)
  • Richmond Foundation – Deputy Chairperson (2014 – present date)
  • iGEN; iGaming European Network – member (2018 – present date),
  • Founder & Producer – Teatru Unplugged, Manoel Theatre (1998 – present date)
  • Association for Coaching, London – Member (2019 – present date)
  • National Candidate – European Parliamentary Elections (May 2014)
  • Board member – Aviation Supervisory Committee Transport Malta (2010-2013)
  • Managing Director – Trilogy Ltd; Tommy Hilfiger/ Armani (2009-2015)
  • Chairman – Retail Marketing/Carrefour Supermarkets, Malta (2006-2009)
  • Non-executive director – Malta Film Commission (2005-2007)
  • Managing Director – (2005-2009)
  • Biz. Dev Manager – World Aviation Systems (NYC) – (2001-2004)


Bachelor of Commerce: Management, Banking & Finance (University of Malta, 1998)
Masters degree in Business Administration (University of Malta, 2001)

Certificates in Cognitive Behaviour Coaching, Performance Coaching, Stress Management. (Centre for Coaching, London, 2018-2019 )


Swimrun / Open water swimming / Trail running